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MI Summary

 Good bye 2015 ! Let's welcome 2016 with a review of the best achievements made with you all this last year

What are Mission Impossible events ?

Let's welcome 2016 with nice memories of 2015 ! ENJOY THE MOVIE !

They are invitational FS skydiving events in Europe. They are made for skydivers who like the challenges, intricated 12-18 ways sequential skydives. We look for the most impressive skydives. Our creed is: go for quality, conviviality and challenge yourself ... who dares wins!

MI events are invitational events. We have already almost 60 people who have already got enlisted to our events since 2012. If they have been enlisted, it's because they have the required skills to attend the event. To participate: Good knowlegde about Formations sequential skydiving techniques in 4, 8 and 16 way are required.

If you have never participated, you'll need to be invited. How can you get invited? You will need to be known by a coach who can recommand you for the next missions. Decision to participate will be taken by the main coaches of Mission Impossible events : Martial Ferré (FRA), Thomas Spielvogel (GER), Doug Forthor Dan BC (USA), Lesley Gale (GB), Tom Jenkins (USA), Pete Allum (GB/SP) and Marco Arrigo (ITA).


The official schedule of 2016 MI events

Dubai camp 2016

Hi all !

What a great start of the year 2016 with great 8 way tunnel trainings in Liège (Flyin) during january and february, the famous "Hell week" in Paraclete XP with 6 teams 8 way in the early March and for the most luckiest, the Dubai camp over the Palm and desert last week (see picture above)!

The Hell week campers in XP 2016

Time to go outdoor : Registrations open for Springtime events

Since i have been always on the road with you guys, i had very little time to prepare the forms to register for coming soon events (except the "Diamonds are forever" which was posted in october 2015). Sorry for this. Now i have made them so that you can pre-register for the events we are going to run in the following month.


APRIL 2016

  • 15-17 April 24 way invitational sequentials in Lille, France : 2 mini caravans + 2 coaches + 22 slots available only for 24 ways + 8 way wind tunnel in Weembi 17 ft as an option in case of bad weather ! The place to be ! Registrations open here/ Coaches = Martial + Johan VanEeckhout

 Registrations open here / 1 Grand Supervan / coach Martial Ferré


MAY 2016

  • 5-8 May, MI 24 ways intricated sequentials + wind tunnel 8 way option in Lille, France : 2 mini caravans + 2 coaches + 22 slots available only + 8 way wind tunnel in Weembi 17 ft as an option in case of bad weather ! The place to be ! Registration open here / Coaches = Martial + Johan VanEeckhout
  • 27-29 May, 16 ways MI in Flanders, Moorsele, Belgium : This is a great DZ where Marco and Martial will be coaching two 16 way teams with the crazyness of the MI events. Planes Super vans. Registration open Here !

 We strongly recommand to register quick since slots are limited. Also it's important to train before the Diamonds are for ever event in June  ! It's strongly recommanded to warm up for this big event ! :)


JUNE 2016

  • 8-12 June, DIAMONDS R 4EVER major MI event: (almost full !) a major event gathering the bests of the MI agents from all around Europe and some part of the world with all the main coaches of the MI events (Martial, Marco, Damien, Johan and Spieli) AND our special guest : DAN BC ! Diamonds are 4ever

  • 23-26 June, Powerplay 2016, Perris valley, Ca:  MI agents are welcome to attend the Powerplay event, a major event from P3 held in Perris, Ca and organized by DanBC. A must in the events altrought the world. This is an invitational event. Ask for recommandations if you want to attend. For more infos check Powerplay official web page. Our web page : Powerplay with Martial Ferré. Martial will be your contact for this event. He ... hey !i'm talking about me ! so I was part of the coaches along side with Dan, Tom, Doug and Josh last year and the MI guys did great during the event. Proud of them ! If you want to join the venture with me again, give a shout !

MI agents with coach !

JUlY 2016

  • 16-22 July Flanders boogie, Moorsele, Belgium : Probably the best place to be on earth at this period of time in the year ! The best boogie ever ! High quality coaching with Martial, Damien, Marco, Roy Jensen (ex-Hayabusa), Johan VanEeckhout and more probably. 100 loads a day, 16 ways, 32 ways or heaven bigger. The place to be ! Check with the http://www.pcv.be/en/info/Moorsele/www.pcv.be/en/info/Moorsele/ to get some infos when they will come. We will give you also more details later.

 AUGUST 2016

  • 8-13 August French national record 120 way (number and sequential), Klatovy : The french are going bigger and they allow 10 % of foreigners. If you want to join the french foreign legion contingency for this event, give us a shout !:) Contact : Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.
  • 18-21 August, MI in Flanders, Moorsele, Belgium : Second MI in Flanders skies with Marco and Martial who will be coaching two 16 way teams and one 32 way team with the intensity of the MI events ! Registration will come soon. Same rules as above. Informations and registrations will follow.


  • 1-3 October, 16 way MI competition in Saarlouis : The MI Home DZ in Germany (which used to be french few centuries ago ...) will held a great 16way competition including also 32 way for fun when competition will be finished. Very nice meet to attend !



  •  We don't know yet the dates but Tom Jenkins and Martial Ferré would like to reactivate the event called "The badge" ! A 32 way event in Dubai ! We are still working on it and we will keep you posted for this soon !

ON THE SIDES of those events, Skydive Westerwald will held a camp where Martial Ferré will load organize jumps from 26 till 29 of July 2016. You can check with the DZ  for further details or check the FB event page (https://www.facebook.com/events/590797751068609/). Should be fun ! 


contact: Martial Ferré at Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.?subject=Mission%20Impossible%20event">Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.

We stay in touch guys !

Let's rock in 2016 !


Martial Ferré

Follow the "Green helmet" !


contact: Martial Ferré at Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.


Full articles about events :


The last updated informations from the MI agency ...

(update 8/01/2016)

What a year bros ! 2015 has been rich with good events and very nices achievements so far ! If you missed it, here is the video of the best of the year. Should look at it ! 
One of the best achievement was the complition of the famous challenge that MI events was targeting : the 100% O.F.H.D (Out Facing Hope Damiond). We did 3 sizes. 28 way, 31 way (one guy missed the plane :) and one 32 way at dawn on the same day !
Tunnel 2016 :
Flyin wind tunnel in Liège has opened and doing 8 way in it is a piece of cake guys !:)
We have started to do some nice stuffs in it already. Check this video !
End of january 2015:
The first episode of the Dubai camps has been succesfull ! great camp and great skydives over the palm ! See article to check the full pictures album.
And now the video is ready to play ! Enjoy !
A palm skydive over the palm in Skydive Dubai in January
End of february 2015:
We have completed the 5th annual indoor 8 way tunnel camp in Paraclete XP. Great moments for a "Hell week !"


The origins of Mission impossible events

Everybody knows the famous TV program "Mission impossible". But this happens in the normal life ... In the skydiving world, Mission Impossible was the name of the invitational event that took place a long time ago in Arizona, organized by DanBC and Georges Jicha. Later, this event became the Arizona challenge events in Eloy organized by Skydive AZ with team Airspeed. In 2005, a Belgium skydiver, Johan Van Eeckhout, took the idea of bringing the Arizona challenge in Europe and it did happen in Lille, northern France. Even if the members of Airspeed were present at the event, the name of this european Arizona challenge had to be changed. And it changed back to Mission Impossible ... The Arizona challenge in Europe, alias Mission impossible, continued to be imported in northern France and Belgium until 2007. The Arizona challenge went back in Europe in 2006 in Empuria but that was the last time.

In the meantime, in Perris California, team P3 (World class big way events organizer) was starting to run its own invitational event like the AZ challenge. This event is called Powerplay. This event is organized by the famous world champion DanBC who was organizing the first MI events in the past in AZ in the 90's. The Powerplay has become one major invitational event in the world and the selection to attend it is drastic. Crazy formations are used to be organized by the P3 captains, all world class coaches.

In 2011, Dan BC, my former top contender from team Airspeed (i was in the french 4way team Maubeuge competing hard against him!) did invite me to participate at the Powerplay to see how it looks. And i just fell in love with this kind of event! This is just the perfect mix between challenge and fun, using the 4 way, 8 way and 16 way techniques. Making just 2 formations but looking really intricated, impressive and challenging is just awesome. When you see the pictures of the formations, you might think: "wow ! How did they manage to make it ?!". That's Powerplay ... When i returned in France, one of major goal in life now was to create the replica of the powerplay in Europe. Since i became a P3 captain in 2012, organizing such an invitational event in Europe became necessary to get connected with its US grand brother.

One major problem to start with such events in Europe was to create a team and have the right people to play with. I decided to create a team with international 4 way coaches, we invited 60 people and we started the first event in july 2012 in Saarlouis (FSZ Saar), Germany, one of the most efficient DZ i have ever seen. The event went well and we could make some interesting stuff in the air, really looking like at the Powerplay.

But before starting the event, we had to find a name for the event and Dan didn't allow us to name the event "European powerplay", which is normal, since Powerplay name is copyrighted. I was searching hardly for a name, having coffe with my fellow Johan Van Eeckhout, the former MI organizer in Lille in 2005-2007, when he proposed me to give the event the "Mission Impossible" that he did use in the past ... Ride on! Mission impossible was back !

 The final challenge 32 way during MI july 2012


The feats of Arm of MI events previous missions

Some MI Pictures !

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Some MI movies !

2012 season : the beguinning

The video of the first MI in july 2012

2013 season

The video of the last MI in june 2013

The video of the last MI in october 2013

2014 season

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 I forgot to tell ... if you would get caught or die during mission, the MI agency would deny having any relationship with you !:) This tape will self destroy at the end!

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