17 | 01 | 2019
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8way indoor Tunnel camp Paraclete XP 2015

Wow ! What a great camp ! Finaly we made it but we had to face some "frictions" which just brought some "shit in the fan" at the beguinning of the event due to some snow and some other issues. But the camp did turn to be a great one with 4 teams doing very good during this "hell week" including 8h30 of tunnel time and a competition at the end, the famous Paraclete XP indoor championships.


This camp is just great, bringing the opportunity to improve so much in one of the largest wind tunnel in the world, in Paraclete XP  in NC, USA where the Golden knights use to train.

All the teams did 8h30 of tunnel time in 6+2 during 6 days.

Dates were 22 feb-1st March 2015

 Here are some picture albums showing you the atmosphere during the event !

Teams QRF (Quick Reaction Forces) into action

Behind the scene and director's cuts

All the people who have joined us have improved so much !

Flying 8 way indoor is great to gain some strenght and accuracy in your flight skills which will help you in some "dangerous" MI missions !:)

Coaches were Martial Ferré, Marco Arrigo, Damien Sorlin and Brian Krause

IMAG2572Marco coaching QRF 3 "Young guns"

IMAG2571Damien with team Véloce QRF 1

11009924 773610372722368 3781960841238783550 nTeam Viva (Swiss national 8way team) in action during competition at the end of the camp.

11032515 773610722722333 6514970035053666746 nTeam QRF 2 "Paris Berlin Express" before a round during competition.

10329248 773599859390086 9061742175199483194 nSome very young skydivers did great during the camp ! Here are some elements from team QRF 3 "Young guns" into action.

 For your information, two big tunnels (17 ft) will be built soon in Europe (Lille and Liège), giving us some good opportunities to organize 8way indoor camps more often.

All are welcome !

We will let you know when it will be ready to go.

 Hope to see you in the next camps.


Martial Ferré