24 | 04 | 2017
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Diamonds are forever event

Logo diamonds are forever

52 way

Invitational skydiving event

With Martial Ferré & Dan BC

8-12 june 2016

featuring also Marco Arrigo, Thomas Spielvogel, Damien Sorlin and Johan VanEeckhout

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What is "Diamonds are forever" ?

This is an invitational event aiming to build the most incredible formations based on diamonds of all sorts (open facings, outfacinfs, stairsteps ...).

The idea came to me after my return from the Powerplay 2015 where the signature dive at the end of the event was a giant kind of Hope diamond that unfortunately didn't work for some reasons. The dive was so incredibly intricated that we should have used more time and jumps to achieve it. Just one day and 4 jumps was not enought, espacially when weather didn't contribute to the success.

I have proposed to Dan BC to make it happen again and organize an event based only on this kind of formations. He said : "I'm in !".

So let's go for it with you guys !

When and where "Diamonds are forever" will take place ? 

  • The event will take place in Saarlouis, west of Germany, the usual place for the Mission impossible events since 2012.
  • Dates will be 8-12 of June 2016

Many good hotels can be arranged around the DZ. And watching dives on the giant screen outside while drinking the beer at the end of the day is just awesome !

What is the plan ?

The plan is to invite and select a strong 52 way team.

The team will jump out from 3 airplanes flying in formation load at 4400 m.

Sequential intricated jumps 32 / 52 ways will be proposed during the whole camp. The main goal will be to post one the most difficult formations ever seen in the world.

The signature skydive for the event will be this one :

signature dive web redux

But we will have many other projects during the event as the 100% O.F.H.D that we did this year 32 way. We want to post it bigger! easy!

32 way done the 5th of October 2015                                        A 42 way project.


Here are some other projects for the camp among many others.

Diamonds 3 reduxDiamonds 2 reduxDiamonds 3 redux

Why should you participate ?

Do you know Powerplay ? I guess so. This is a kind of event where you feel challenged all the time on each jump. Our "Diamonds are Forever" will tend to have the same standards and is going to be a major invitational event in Europe as Powerplay is in the US. You will be part of the most incredible formations ever made with diamonds.

Coaches will be Dan BC, Martial Ferré, Marco Arrigo, Thomas Spielvogel, Damien Sorlin and Johan VanEeckhout. Hight standard coaching will be guaranteed !

 Don't miss this event. Book it now in your calendar !


Details about the events ?

Costs and details will come later on. We will keep you posted asap.

 An outfacing diamond realized at Flanders Boogie July 2015

 Talk to you very soon guys !

Martial Ferré & co